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Filter/Pump Room Maintenance Services

Our experienced team will take care of you Filter/Pump room!

We provide expert care, regular maintenance programs, yearly detailed audits, and tailored maintenance services, specific to your pool.

We focus on schools, hotels, public swimming pools and water parks. We know what you need to operate, manage & provide safe, clean swimming pools for your patrons as well as how to lower your operational costs.

As experts at automating chemistry control and enhancing your water filtration systems to provide cleaner & safer water, we save you operational costs as well.

With years of experience in the aquatic area, we take you pool to higher standards. At ACIL, we combine our knowledge to transform your pool into the best aquatic venue possible. We have the capabilities and experience to actually do what needs to be done. We recieve our joy developing your swimming pool t reach its maximum efficiency and enjoyment for all patrons.

Consultant for Swimming Pool Upgrades

Maximise the efficiency of your swimming pool!

Consulting services provided by ACIL,  serve to answer and solve all questions you have relating to your swimming pool. Let us know of your problem and we will solve it. Save time and resources by requesting a complementary commercial pool service or remodelling quote from us.   

Certified Pool Operator Training  

Become a 

Certified Pool Operator!

We train you to take care of swimming pools using best practices for maintaining healthy, clean & safe facilities.

We provide training courses from the Pool & Hot Tub Alliance (PHTA) both online & in classroom settings which give you a World Wide 5 year certification as a Certified Pool Operator.

We provide inservice training at your facility in areas of your water chemistry, filtration systems & maintenance areas. We leave you confident in taking care of your swimming pool to a high standard. 

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