Project Management & Maintenance 

Our Experienced Team Will Help You With Any Step Of A Project

With years of experience in various projects, we’re ready to take your pool to the next level. At Aquatic Consultants International Limited, we combine our insights with projects and transform the processes and strategies to make your facility to be the most efficient  possible. Our professionals and partners have the capabilities and experience to plan and complete your goals. We’re proud to have helped shape leading organisations & schools throughout Asia to structure and help manage their facility.
We are the leading experts in Asia for automating your water chemistry and enhancing your water filtration. No one does it better than we do.

We provide Aquatic Facility Audits. The audit will include detailed analysis of the facility's capabilities as well as areas of improvement. We audit aquatic facilities ranging from school aquatic centres, hotels, theme parks, commercial and competitive venues. Audits typically take 1-2 weeks to complete. This includes multiple visits to the facility, interviews with employees, and a comprehensive written report. Schedule your audit now!

Consulting/Facility Audits

Maximise The Efficiency Of Your Facility

Consulting services provided by Aquatic Consultants International serve to answer and solve any questions you have relating to your aquatic facility.  Let us know of your problem and we will solve it. Save time and money by requesting a free commercial pool service or remodel quote.  Consulting services fees vary depending on the scope needed. Contact us for more information and a specific quote.

Training & Instruction

Become a PHTA Certified Pool Operator

We train you to take care of aquatic venues using best practices for maintaining healthy, clean & safe venues.

We provide training courses from the Pool & Hot Tub Alliance (PHTA) both online & in classroom settings which give you a world wide 5 year certification as a Certified Pool Operator (CPO).

We provide various inservice trainings at your facility in the care of your water chemistry, filtration systems, maintenance issues. We leave you confident in taking care of your aquatic facility.