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About ACIL

We are a company working with commercial swimming pools & water parks. Based in Hong Kong, we train throughout Asia, teaching best practices for maintaining healthy, clean & safe swimming pools & water parks.  We educate & certify your employees by training & providing certification in becoming Certified Pool Operators using the Pool & Hot Tub Alliance (PHTA) courses.  

We complete Swimming Pool Audits, provide Consultancy Reports, Water Sports advice and Filter/Pump Room Pool Maintenance Services.  We are experts in water chemistry automation, enhancement of filtration systems, and energy cost reduction programs.  We are here to ensure your pool is pristine.  Every pool we've audited has been able to reduce operating costs and provide better quality water. We have a passion for water and thrive on improving your swimming pool or water park.


Steve Metz, CEO / Aquatic Consultant/Educator

Steve has made his life career in the teaching of sports, coaching and sports facility management fields.  With successful experiences in the swimming & water sports, he is available for professional consulting in aquatic programming, water sports, designing pools, maintenance programs, filtration & water chemistry issues.

Steve has spent his career in improving swimming pool facilities. His University degree is in Recreation & Parks Administration with an Aquatics & Coaching minor and Graduate level courses in Teaching & Curriculum Development. He has designed and been project manager for several school & competition pool projects. He has certifications through the USA Swimming 'Build a Pool' conference, the American Red Cross as a Water Safety Instructor &  Lifeguard Instructor programs. Steve is also qualified as a Hong Kong Pool Lifeguard. He has coached competitive age group and high school swimming very successfully. He is a USA Masters Swimming Coach.


Each year Steve attends the World Aquatic Health Conference in the USA, that gathers the best experts in the world to stay up to date on the latest in swimming pool building, equipment and technology. 

Steve's passion for water sports, keeps him involved as​ an avid sailor. As an open water swimmer and triathlete he has competed in Olympic distance to 70.3 Ironman events.  


ACIL is training Certified Pool Operators throughout  Asia and Steve's focus is in certifying hotel, school, water parks employees. He is based in Hong Kong and can travel to your location if needed.

If you're in Hong Kong and would like to talk 'swimming pools', contact him for a coffee.

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