Minimum Time to Complete: 1.5 Hours


Aquatic facility managers, risk management, and operators will learn how to protect customers and staff and reduce risk and liability. People who take the online Aquatic Risk Management course will receive a copy of the Aquatic Risk Management handbook to help identify, develop, implement, and establish practices that will help them achieve the important task of ensuring the health and safety of their patrons, staff, and the facility.

Managing the risk to minimize the impact of the hazard is the key to ensuring prosperity and preventing catastrophe. Complete this 2-hour, self-paced course and earn a record of completion. IACET CEUs available.

The interactive course enhances learning, allowing you to work through a series of topics, along with case studies that are fully illustrated with photos and examples throughout. Participants will find a discussion of the aquatic risk management process and content on the following topics:

The Law and the Aquatic Professional – Factors that help determine merit of a personal injury case are explained.

Case Studies – Five case studies illustrate how judgments are reached in a variety of incidences.

Aquatic Risk Management - Best practices are shared.

Implementing a Risk Management Plan – Identifying, evaluating and managing risks, costs, liability issues and legal mandates (codes and regulations).

Emergency Response Plans (ERP) –Staff member roles and responsibilities for the ERP and examples of incidents.

Aquatic Risk Management